Sunday, January 10, 2027


We are now approaching our 6th year of aiding and assisting the Lancaster County Animal Shelter and I cannot thank enough the members who go to the shelter every week to walk the dogs, clean the cat cages, drive ailing animals to the vets, as well as the people behind the scenes who manage our Facebook page and Blog site, answer questions, and raise money.

On Saturday, May 12, we will host our main fundraiser for the year, the LASS Luncheon and Fashion Show at the Ivy Place.  Last year, we raised $13, 000.  Our aim for this year is $18,000.  These funds allow us to purchase needed medicine and additional housing for the animals to help with the Shelter’s overcrowding, as well as pay for boarding fees and transportation costs.  

In order to make the lives of the animals better at the Shelter, we continue to need more hands-on volunteers and, of course, money.  If you feel you cannot work directly with the animals, then please consider making a cash donation.   There is no greater gift than the give of life for a shelter animal!

Thank you to all who do so much for LASS and the animals at the Lancaster County Animal Shelter who need us so desperately!  

Happy Tails!

Arlene McCarthy