Tuesday, June 22, 2027


Greetings to all our new and old members.  LASS has been very busy the past few months.  We participated in Lancaster Rose Festival, an Antique Car Show and other local festivals.

We are spreading the word about Lancaster Animal Shelter Supporters.  We need to have other communities join us here in Sun City to improve conditions at the County Shelter.   

Volunteers are needed to help raise funds in order for LASS to continue taking sick animals to the vets, purchasing needed medicines for heart worm in dogs, spay and neutering of both cats and dogs, aiding rescue groups who take our animals from the shelter to safety, and continuing to provide needed food, bedding and litter for the cats.   

Most of all, the animals need us to CARE what happens to them.  Give a little of your time, go to the Shelter and help out.  Assist and man one of our booths at the local festivals.  In the Fall, we will have a booth at the Art and Craft Show at the Lodge in order to raise funds.    Help in any way you see fit. 


Happy Tails!

Arlene McCarthy
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Sunday, August 12, 2018

2 Cats Need New Homes ASAP

Tiger and Oreo are in desperate need of new homes.  What was hoped to be their forever home didn't work out and they need to be re-homed ASAP.  They do not need to be homed together.  No fees, as Arlene had them for several weeks before they were placed. They do not have to go together. 

For information, contact Arlene McCarthy at lassofsuncity@gmail.com

Tiger is male, neutered, about three yrs old. Up to date on all vaccinations.  Sweet and friendly.

Oreo is female, about 9 months old, needs to be spayed, LASS will take care of.  Up to date on all vaccinations.  

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Last month LASS purchased a much needed air conditioner for the County Shelter Cat Area.  I mentioned this to Kristin Blanchard of Nutramax Laboratories when we were at a luncheon for Donate Local Lancaster. Today, I received a check from Nutramax Laboratories, Inc for the total amount of the purchase.  They are truly a great Corporate Supporter!
Arlene McCarthy

Saturday, July 7, 2018


We are moving forward, have been for awhile. Our Procurement Director is taking bids, which includes preparing the land, contractors, roads, equipment, etc. We have the land to put this facility on and I am satisfied as we all are of this location. As a citizen and taxpayer I also want this shelter completed but as a member of Lancaster County Council I am, along with six other members of LCC, aware we are dealing with the peoples money and we will do our best to insure these funds are spent in the proper manner. This shelter has been a number one priority for many months and will remain a stop priority until completion.  
- Larry Honeycutt, Lancaster County Councilman