Sunday, February 5, 2017


15 cats/kittens were adopted at PetSense in January.  They all came from the Shelter.

Thanks yesterday to Patti Sinclair and Jean Walmsley for doing the pet adoption at PetSense on Saturday afternoon. No one got adopted during the activity but we got a nice donation of food, litter, and promise of additional money.

Thanks also to Valerie Budzeyko who helped Nadine Day clean at the shelter. Nadine's crew also paid for JoJo's neutering and meds.  They fell in love with him after treating him at the shelter for several months for a skin condition.

LASS has paid for 5 neuterings so far in February but are scheduling many more since Charlotte Spay Neuter has a reduced price special going this month for females. Is it in honor of Valentine's Day??
- Lynn Kotula