Thursday, April 27, 2017


Lancaster County Animal Shelter SC 
Update from shelter posted on Facebook 4/27/17

TEST RESULTS ARE IN: We DO NOT have distemper in the shelter. It is kennel cough, which is leading to pneumonia. Once it gets to the pneumonia stage, that is what is making these dogs very sick. We will be getting all dogs out of this shelter today, and sanatizing up until Thursday, we will be getting epoxy flooring put down throughout the shelter.
All new dogs being posted are offsite and have not been exposed to any possible sickness. We are doing all actions on getting the dogs in the shelter quarantined. *We are not accepting owner surrenders at this time* No dogs are getting worse in sickness, an no other dogs seem to be getting sick at this time. We are doing all necessary actions here at the shelter. We thank everyone who has been helping, donating, and sending help our way. We appreciate it all! We are trying our best to get this shelter back on track, an everyone healthy again! -Huge thank you from shelter staff & shelter volunteers!