Wednesday, May 10, 2017


On the heels of LASS' very successful fundraiser for the shelter and the exciting announcement of plans for a new shelter by Councilman Larry Honeycutt, sad news is being reported by Lancaster County Administrator Steve Willis regarding the ongoing problem of an unknown virus at the shelter.  The shelter is currently shut down and a quarantine is in place.  
Below are reports by various news sources.

Article by Mandy Catoe
The Lancaster News

Unknown virus shuts down animal shelter

WCNC on Shelter

From CN2 news on shelter

NEWS: Lancaster County officials say the Lancaster County Animal Shelter is closing its doors for now for intake of any animals after a respiratory virus outbreak. See official information below.
Based upon veterinarian advice, we are closing the Lancaster Animal Shelter for intake of any animals. We have been working for about two weeks to contain a respiratory virus outbreak. All animals have been placed in outside pens during a disinfection process as well as been treated with antibiotics. Despite these steps, new cases have continued so whatever we are dealing with involves animal to animal transmission and is not related to a particular location. We are awaiting further medical testing to see what next steps the vets advise.
This means that we will be unable to respond to stray animal complaints for the next few weeks. We regret the inconvenience but must contain the virus to protect future animals that come into the shelter.

We will have more information once we have the test results.
Lancaster Animal Shelter closed after virus kills 2 animals