Friday, June 23, 2017

Saddler the Survivor Has Been Rescued

Saddler the survivor is in New Jersey thanks to rescue Angel Suzanne Coculo and Burlington County Animal Alliance. He came into the Shelter in the midst of the Distemper outbreak after being hit by a car. LASS paid $200. toward his vet appt and after a foot cast and treatment for road rash he was boarded at Sandy Crest til yesterday.

Fittingly he was the first dog to use the LASS Kennel also.
Thank you LASSies for saving this sweetheart!

-Diane Rashall
-------------------------------------------- 6/26/17 - Saddler Update
Saddler was in a high kill shelter and out of time, when we received an email begging for his life and telling us how wonderful he was and how he was overlooked because he is a black dog, etc, etc. He was a favorite of one of the volunteers who works so hard every day to save the dogs, so we knew we had to save him.   The day he arrived, his family was there to meet him at petsmart and it was love at first sight.  Saddler's dad sent us this note:
We absolutely love him. He is so good and great with the kids. He never leaves their side. He loves his new bed and playing with the neighbor dogs in the yard. I cant believe we lucked out with such a great dog.
Happy life boy!!!
- Diane Rashall