Saturday, June 23, 2018

Help needed to save these pups!

There were four pups about 10-12 weeks old found abandoned by Animal Control.  
Crate Escape Rescue in Wappingers Falls, NY agreed to take them. They were treated for coccidia, which cost rescue over $400, got Health Certificates, and were scheduled to leave on transport yesterday. When Alan (the shelter director) got to the shelter Friday morning, one of the pups had bloody stools (parvo symptom).  He euthanized that pup 🤬 and called Carissa asking what to do with the other three.  Carissa called me (Diane) to transport to vet where parvo test was positive.

They’re on iv’s at vet for about five days. Treatment for all three will be about $1500.

Since Crate Escape already paid first vet bill and paid transport which was cancelled, they need our help financially.  They have taken other difficult to place dogs, the four mange pups, so we’d really like to help them so they keep pulling our dogs. 

- Diane Rashall

To make a donation:
  • Contact Carolina Place Animal Hospital directly at 803-789-5047 
  • Donate to LASS, a 501(c)3 charitable organization at PAYPAL
  • Contact Arlene McCarthy, President, at