Thursday, July 12, 2018


Last month LASS purchased a much needed air conditioner for the County Shelter Cat Area.  I mentioned this to Kristin Blanchard of Nutramax Laboratories when we were at a luncheon for Donate Local Lancaster. Today, I received a check from Nutramax Laboratories, Inc for the total amount of the purchase.  They are truly a great Corporate Supporter!
Arlene McCarthy

Saturday, July 7, 2018


We are moving forward, have been for awhile. Our Procurement Director is taking bids, which includes preparing the land, contractors, roads, equipment, etc. We have the land to put this facility on and I am satisfied as we all are of this location. As a citizen and taxpayer I also want this shelter completed but as a member of Lancaster County Council I am, along with six other members of LCC, aware we are dealing with the peoples money and we will do our best to insure these funds are spent in the proper manner. This shelter has been a number one priority for many months and will remain a stop priority until completion.  
- Larry Honeycutt, Lancaster County Councilman

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Update on Parvo Pups

This posting was first made on June 23rd.  Below is the latest update on the status of the Parvo pups.

The four pups were surrendered to the Lancaster Animal Shelter about five weeks ago at seven weeks old. Crate Escape Rescue in Wappingers Falls NY agreed to take them and paid $400 to treat them for coccidia. All four got Health Certificates on June 21st and were scheduled to leave on transport Friday June 23rd. When Shelter Manager got to Shelter Friday morning, however, one of the pups had bloody stools (parvo symptom).  He euthanized that pup  and asked a LASS volunteer to bring the three remaining pups, which weren’t showing symptoms yet, to a vet for parvo tests. Sadly the parvo test was positive for two out of three. 

Crate Escape was contacted. They wanted to treat the pups but after first $400 vet bill and paying for cancelled transport for four pups, they were low on funds.

7/6/18 UPDATE Drove four dogs to Sandy Crest today and got an update on three parvo pups.  Laurie said they’re doing fine, eating normally and gaining weight.  LASS paid for one week boarding for all three pups to help Crate Escape Rescue. They also took two mange pups and two of the dogs I transported today - WONDERFUL RESCUE PARTNER. 
- Diane Rashall

7/1/18 UPDATE:  LASS paid $1200 of the $1418 vet bill for several days of intravenous fluids and medications.  On June 28th, the LASS volunteer brought the puppies from the vet to quarantined boarding for two weeks. LASS will also help financially with this cost. At the end of two weeks the pups will have another parvo test and, if negative, will then go on transport to NY. 

And this is how three lives were saved!
- Diane Rashall