Saturday, September 1, 2018

Find Your Cat Match with LASS

Picture yourself snuggling with one (or a couple) of these cats.  They're ready to adorn their "furever" home. They'll have you at "Hello."

10 Reasons Why Cats are Purrfect!
10 Love, food, water, clean litter box
9 - Great TV companions
8 - Low maintenance for an overnight outing
7 - They are great at keeping secrets
6 - They aren't the "Fashion Police"
5 - Love to cuddle - or not
4 - You won't sleep alone
3 - They love the holidays
2 - Perfect dining companions
#1 Reason = No need to walk in the scorching sun, rain, snow, early mornings, late at night
Please contact me for a personal introduction.Arlene McCarthy, LASS President