Saturday, September 1, 2018

Upcoming Events - Volunteers Needed!

Thank you to all our LASS members and supporters who have been fostering kittens, cats; transporting the dogs and cats for adoption; cleaning kennels, visiting and walking the dogs this past spring and summer.  Helping out at the events around the county.  It has been a lot and we couldn't have done it without your help.

There are still volunteer opportunities available!  

Here are some dates if you'd like to help or just stop by and visit:

  • Saturday the 8th10am-2pm
    Sun City Carolina Lakes Arts and Crafts Show

  • Adopt-a-Pet month - share pictures of your rescue/adopted pets with us on Facebook
  • Saturday the 6th11am-2pm
    Adoption Day at the Lancaster County Animal Shelter
  • Saturday the 13th11am-1pm
    Get to know LASS Open Meeting at the Del Webb Library

Some important numbers:
Emergency 911
Sheriff's Office 803-283-3388
Animal Shelter 803-285-5545
Stand for Animals (Low Cost Spay/Neuter) 704-970-2711

Hope to see you at our upcoming events.