Dear LASS members:

As January 2019 comes to a close, we have some wonderful news. A new Lancaster County Animal Shelter and its budget has been approved by the Lancaster Council…A HUGH thanks to the Council and to all the LASS members who spent approximately three years trying to get this much needed Shelter approved. It is my belief that with a new facility and additional trained staff, many animal lives will be saved. Through aggressive spay and neuter programs along with an improved foster and adoption program, Lancaster will be able to reduce the number of animals that are euthanized.

Ann Richardson has been haunting the new PetCo store trying to get our application for weekend adoption events. The amount of forms was daunting! But she persevered and we are now in the partnership and in the queue for the date of our first LASS Adoptions Event.



Once again Councilman Terry Graham and his wife, Jeanie will allow us to hold our FOURTH ANNUAL LUNCHEON FUND RAISER FOR THE ANIMAL SHELTER at their wonderful home, The Ivy Place.

This is our big fund raiser for the year. We welcome and need as many volunteers as possible.

Please contact me at lassofsuncity@gmail and give some of your time for this great cause.

Finally, LASS now has a new chapter forming in TREE TOPS Community. This is wonderful as we need
to spread to other communities who would be willing to foster and hopefully adopt one of our
wonderful shelter animals. If you have never rescued an animal from a shelter you cannot know
what a wonderful feeling it is to see the love in their eyes…..they truly become your best friend.

Arlene McCarthy
President, LASS